Lisboa 2020

Lisboa 2020

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In line with our internationalization strategy, we will continue to work on opportunities in new markets, with a focus on Portuguese-speaking countries and the French-speaking community. This strategy has already borne some fruit, namely in São Tomé and Príncipe, Germany, Malta and Angola, where there are ongoing projects.

Go Global, Go Digital

  • Project designation: Go Global, Go Digital

  • Project code: LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER-038646

  • Main goal: Internacionalização

  • Region of intervention: Lisboa

  • Beneficiary entity: SoftFinança - Software e Sistemas Financeiros, S.A

  • Approval date: 2018/08/21

  • Start date: 2018/08/17

  • Completion date: 2021/07/31

  • Total eligible cost: 385.115 EUR

  • European Union financial support– FEDER: 154.046 EUR


The GO GLOBAL, GO DIGITAL project aims to leverage SOFTFINANÇA's internationalization strategy based on an offer of its own solutions, the result of internal R&D, improving the company's position in the value chain and allowing it to address international markets in strong growth.

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