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Self-Service Soluctions

Self-service products enable the execution of a series of customer activities, in their relationship with the institution, in a fast, convenient and effective way. Broad menus and simplified interactivity are the main features of these products, to which are added the innovative and attractive design. The Softfinança Self-service application for ATM, Kiosk and POS is Multivendor, with guaranteed upgrade and maintenance, regardless of the brand and model of the chosen equipment. Entirely developed by Softfinança, they are products with a resilient and robust architecture, designed to work 24x7.


Our solutions

The result of long experience in the sector, a SoftFinança offers a solution of applications Multivendor for ATMs that ensures the abstraction of the application against the various models and brands of hardware, providing an identical experience on all equipment and allowing to evolve the offer according to the business model at each moment. This solution is based on a modern architecture that makes the implementation process more efficient, tailored to each client. Product 100% developed by Softfinança, with a resilient and robust architecture, was designed to work 24/24h.

Intelligent, high-performance physical drives focused on cashing checks, banknotes and coins. Equipped with authenticity sensors that safely validate the deposited values in accordance with the regulations of the European Central Bank, they are safe and easy to install equipment.

In order to adjust to the different types of TPA, and to the specificities of each Merchant, the Multivendor TPA management system is easy to integrate with the different acquirers, and with the client’s card switching. Allowing a set of suppliers oriented to better customer involvement at the time of payment, can complement the transaction with loyalty features and integrate as payment method the redemption of unique coupons.

Customer service is critical to the success of any company. IVR tools help automate and make service more efficient by offering services whose choice directs the customer to the relevant queue or area in order to obtain the desired response. Voice recognition, the technology used in our solution, significantly improves the corporate service experience.

Self-service equipment with innovative design and specific functionalities, to enhance the institution’s relationship with the customer. Its functional versatility allows the most diverse applications, enhancing the improvement of the relationship with the customer.

Success Stories


Dr. José Serra, Caixa Geral de Depósitos Marketing Director

“Softfinança is a longtime partner of Caixa, has given us continuous support in our Caixautomática service, a fundamental network in the service to our customers.”

Application Areas


Digital transformation has arrived for all sectors of activity, including entertainment. The way in which entertainment is consumed has changed and the industry has to adapt to these changes. Getting to know the customer better and better is essential and new technologies allow us to anticipate market trends.

At Softfinança we develop solutions that allow to manage events, in person or remote, as well as the "before" and "after" of the event. Mobile solutions that allow the customer to contextualize the event from the moment he intends to make a reservation, indoor traffic management solutions at the venue and digital communication are some of the examples of the applicability of our solutions in this sector.

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