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With over 30 years of experience in the information technology field, we offer solutions for areas as diverse as finance, retail or healthcare.


Proven solutions for a sector undergoing one of the biggest digital transformations at the moment.

With Softfinança solutions financial institutions will promote the interactivity, contact and personalized management of their customers, benefiting from their experience and know-how of more than 30 years, pioneer and leader in Self-Service, developed initially for the financial sector and extended to other industries over the years.


Knowing consumer habits and increasing customer engagement are the ultimate goals.

This is certainly one of the sectors that has most evolved in recent times and that has best known how to take advantage of technological evolution. Today, a retailer, through the use of technology, can know the habits of consumption and increase the involvement of its customers, control stocks, customize and suggest promotions in real time. Also in this sector, the payment process has followed trends, being one of the first to adopt mobile payments and to speed up the purchase process.


Solutions that make customer communication and management a more agile and effective process.
Softfinança has always been recognized for its solutions positioned between the organization and the Client, and in the health sector it is also in this area that we position ourselves. Our line of SEGG solutions addresses a set of communication channels that allow the organization, regardless of its size, to communicate, welcome its customers and accompany them within the organization. Our solutions are oriented to large organizations such as Hospitals and Clinics, Health Groups and Pharmacies.


Solutions that make customer communication and management a more agile and effective process.

Digital transformation has arrived for all sectors of activity, including entertainment. The way in which entertainment is consumed has changed and the industry has to adapt to these changes. Knowing the customer better and better is essential and new technologies allows you to anticipate market trends. At SoftFinança, we develop solutions that allow managing events, in person or remotely, as well as the “before” and “after” events. Mobile solutions that allow the customer to contextualize the event from the moment he intends to make a reservation, traffic management solutions at the venue and digital communication are some of the examples of the applicability of our solutions in this sector.

Public Administration and Social Security

Solutions that respond to the digital needs of the public sector and provide them with extra agility.

The current state of use of Information and Communication Technologies in the internal operations of public entities leads to the need to create a Transformation Program. A Technological Modernization Program that must respond to the current needs of the public sector and contribute effectively to the realization of the policy guidelines leading to the provision of service of excellence.

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