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Our internet banking platform integrates online applications that run on different equipment with screens of different dimensions but ensuring the same user experience and meeting customer expectations. We are able to quickly deliver responsive applications, orchestrating a wide range of transactions and financial features, helping financial institutions innovate while providing accessibility and a secure environment for their customers.


Our solutions

Our solutions are based on technologies oriented towards the rapid availability of web applications, whether purely institutional or oriented towards financial services and, therefore, transactional. The portal underlying this channel has a content management system with the ability to edit screens based on graphical themes and made up of services - widgets. Each widget has a presentation aspect – skin, and a processing aspect - service.

This solution relies on technologies of development of hybrid mobile applications, multiplatform, that we incorporate in our framework and that allows to face the development process in its own way, that is, the mobile channel will be a channel of access to the organization, with characteristics specific to the device.

Application Areas


With our solutions, financial institutions will promote interactivity, contact and personalized management with their customers, benefiting from the experience and know-how of over 25 years of SoftFinança, pioneer and leader in Self-Service solutions, initially developed for the sector and expanding over the years to other industries.

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