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Monitoring and Control

Expand Knowledge is a backoffice solution that integrates with customer systems and is natively prepared to keep track of the rest of our offering products. Through a graphical interface we manage and configure alerts of the network of means of payment, monitoring their availability and taking into account any intervals of replenishment and preventive assistance. At the same time, it creates a business information repository that allows us to anticipate occurrences and adjust offers and availabilities according to clients' profiles.


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Backoffice platform common to the different types of solution that we have and that allows us to make operational management of a network of means of payment of an institution, monitoring its availability, providing for possible intervals of replenishment, as well as preventive assistance. In addition, it is a business information repository that allows a management more oriented to the needs and preferences of customers in each of the different locations and means of payment they use.

Network monitoring services aim to increase your availability in order to maximize equipment productivity.
The active monitoring of an equipment network enables the speed of incident detection to be increased and the downtime of services and unscheduled interventions of technical intervention teams to be significantly reduced.

Success Stories

Caixa Agrícola

Dra. Lídia Sá, Director of the Direct Banking

“We have been partners of Softfinança for more than 12 years, with the launch of the self-banking internal network service (...) pioneering service in the market at the time it was launched.”

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Application Areas


Solutions that make customer communication and management a more agile and effective process. Softfinança has always been recognized for its solutions positioned between the organization and the Client, and in the health sector it is also in this area that we position ourselves. Our line of SEGG solutions addresses a set of communication channels that allow the organization, regardless of its size, to communicate, welcome its customers and accompany them within the organization.

Our solutions are oriented to large organizations such as Hospitals and Clinics, Health Groups and Pharmacies.

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