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Digital Solutions

Our Digital Solutions aggregate products for an interactive and transactional communication of a company with its customers and employees, as well as its service spaces. Companies can transform their contact with customers and employees into a true digital experience with our line of solutions that includes the following products: E-Commerce, Digital Signage, Service Management, Interactive and Transactional Kiosks and Traffic Analysis.

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Our solutions

Effective flow management, queues and service-related processes

Communication abroad capturing the attention of potential customers

Interactive terminal with centralized content management and distribution

Private and exclusive channel with news, products and services information

Online Stores and/or Marketplaces, responsive and customized to customers needs, with the aim of providing an easy, intuitive and safe "user experience"

Devices that allow people counting, typification, limitation management and space navigation

App e website A Nossa Farmácia
Success Stories

Nossa Farmácia

Dr. Marcos Marques - CEO

“The selection of SoftFinança was due to four factors. One of them was it experience in integrations with different actors, since, in our case, there are five operating simultaneously and in real time. As we are handling sensitive health data, we also considered his experience in banking security, in addition to his ability to develop interfaces between hardware and software and deliver the project in a short period of time"

Application Areas


Knowing consumer habits and increasing customer engagement are the ultimate goals.

This is certainly one of the sectors that has most evolved in recent times and that has best known how to take advantage of technological evolution. Today, a retailer, through the use of technology, can know the habits of consumption and increase the involvement of its customers, control stocks, customize and suggest promotions in real time. Also in this sector, the payment process has followed trends, being one of the first to adopt mobile payments and to speed up the purchase process.

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