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Our Middleware and Switching line supported by the Expand Switch, enables "many to many" transactional conversation across distinct systems, harmonizing applications, data sources, languages and protocols in a scalable, robust, resilient, fault-tolerant environment, 24x7. Our solution operates not only in banking, interbank and self-service environments.


Our solutions

Transactional facilitator that redirects messages between systems or applications where they are processed. The answers are returned to the source system or application. The services it offers are fundamentally core, such as scalability, competition, resilience, persistence or messaging.

Adds logic and orchestration services, which simplifies the type of information circulating in the system.

Set of high-level services, with channel-associated business models, which simplify the execution of transactions and the design of front and backend solutions.

Application Areas


With Softfinança solutions financial institutions will promote the interactivity, contact and personalized management of their customers, benefiting from their experience and know-how of more than 30 years, pioneer and leader in Self-Service, developed initially for the financial sector and extended to other industries over the years.

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