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Finantial Sector

“We have been partners of Softfinança for more than 12 years, with the launch of the self-banking internal network service (...) pioneering service in the market at the time it was launched.”

Crédito Agrícola - Dr.ª Lídia Sá - Direct Banking Director

In the Crédito Agrícola Group, digital transformation is a strategy that, over the last few years, has been implemented through a constant focus on the new solutions available in the market. Partner of Softfinança for many years, this financial group has implemented, over time, a set of innovative solutions in the sector, which put it at the forefront of what the digital banking offer concerns.

The new generation of ATM B24+ allows deposits and withdrawals with notes and coins recirculation - the money from the deposits is automatically checked and validated, being placed in the same lockers from which it comes out - which reduces a set of costs, among which the maintenance of new digital displays with contrast of brightness for a better readability, iPad tablets that allow customers to access a set of features or new digital prices with real-time updates, and service management that allows them to manage the team efficiently, are some of the solutions implemented by Crédito Agrícola in its agencies at the national level.

Retail Sector

“If we could summarize the advantages that Sonae Financial Services derives from the partnership with SoftFinança for the development of the Universo card, we would say, without any hesitation: Knowledge and trust. The Universo takes a lot of value from the knowledge and experience that SoftFinança has accumulated over more than 30 years, in the development of technological projects and financial services solutions…”

Sonae Financial Services - Dr. Carlos Braziel David - Chief Operating Officer

Following the partnership with Mastercard, which led to the launch of the first Wallet for Unicre, which allowed storing debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, customer cards and more, Sonae Financial Services chose SoftFinança as a technological partner to develop the entire component of the relationship with the Universo Card customer.

The Universo card brings together a set of unusual features in Portuguese banking. An example of this is the possibility to inhibit or uninhibit the card for a given country, or allow the creation of alerts through SMS for movements higher than a certain amount configurable through the App. In addition to the traditional card management features, it also offers insurance, credit simulators and a Marketplace that allow customers to make purchases including the possibility to contract online, therefore through the App, without the need to sign any paper.

Health Sector

“The selection of SoftFinança was due to four factors. One of them was it experience in integrations with different actors, since, in our case, there are five operating simultaneously and in real time. As we are handling sensitive health data, we also considered his experience in banking security, in addition to his ability to develop interfaces between hardware and software and deliver the project in a short period of time”

AddoPharm - Dr. Marcos Marques - CEO

Digital transformation of the group of Portuguese pharmacies through a broader and integrated solution that provides, in addition to digital canes, an e-commerce platform with integrated management of a wide range of health elements of each user oriented to the prevention and improvement of the quality of life.
All this integrated into a single, user-oriented solution.
This project of the Addo Pharm Group, the largest group of pharmacies in the country, has a national geographical coverage, bringing all Health and Wellness products in the areas of Beauty, Baby and Mommy, Supplements, Non-prescription Medicines, and more. The solution is fully integrated with all external stakeholders involved in the process, allowing a fully automatic and real-time management of the entire purchase flow.

Financial Sector

“Softfinança is a longtime partner of Caixa, has given us continuous support in our Caixautomática service, a fundamental network in the service to our customers.”

Caixa Geral de Depósitos - Dr. José Afonso Guerra - Marketing Director

We know inside the Caixautomática network. We participated in its genesis, supported the bank’s vision and strategy for this channel and helped the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Group build the most complete and sophisticated self-service network in the country. It was in 1996 that Softfinança became the technological partner of Caixa Geral de Depósitos for the maintenance and evolution of the private ATM network of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, having over the years anticipated and implemented innovative functionalities that no other network offered.

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