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Our Mobile Solutions line incorporates a set of payment solutions and mobile services, completely developed by Softfinança, which allow the management and consultation of all assets in a single device. Each of the modules that are part of this offer can be implemented in an integrated way with the others or independently. All modules were designed and developed with the aim of facilitating the day-to-day management of their users. The integrated query of all assets or payment / transfer of a service or product in 2 or 3 steps are some of the features that this line of solutions allows.

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Our solutions

All your assets in one app

Business offers from different suppliers, one click away

Your real wallet now available on your smartphone

All your insurance, in one place, for greater protection

Managing your savings, financing and investments has never been easier

Leave your wallet at home and withdraw safely

Success Stories

Cartão Universo

Dr. Carlos Braziel David, Sonae Financial Services Chief Operating Officer
“If we could summarize the advantages that Sonae Financial Services derives from the partnership with SoftFinança for the development of the Universo card, we would say, without any hesitation: Knowledge and trust. The Universo takes a lot of value from the knowledge and experience that SoftFinança has accumulated over more than 30 years, in the development of technological projects and financial services solutions…”
Application Areas


Proven solutions for a sector undergoing one of the biggest digital transformations at the moment. With Softfinança solutions financial institutions will promote the interactivity, contact and personalized management of their customers, benefiting from their experience and know-how of more than 30 years, pioneer and leader in Self-Service, developed initially for the financial sector and extended to other industries over the years.

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